“I can’t begin to express my gratitude for helping me.  Not only did you alleviate the stress of getting a huge job done but your sensitivity during an emotional time and your connection to my mom and Amigo made the process less painful. 

I am always and forever appreciative and blessed to know you.”

~ Erika N.

“Thank you so very much for your hard work and incredible flexibility and kindness.  You never once reacted to this challenging situation.   Instead you constantly reassured me and sent angels to smooth my path … Christine and Susan, you are the best!”

~ Diana S.

“With the decision to move into a retirement facility, it was a huge under taking to reduce my things after 65 years of home ownership.   I  was overwhelmed  and called one of the facilities resources, Yours Mine and Our Design.

I was immediately struck by their personal interest and the solid sense of teamwork. They toured my home and made keen observations, not just about its contents but also the personal meaning things held for me.  With an uncanny ability to gauge size of furnishings and how they could fit into my new space, they had clear ideas about choices and placement, always respecting my feelings, sought my input and was open to suggestions.  I always felt included in the process and that my opinion and final satisfaction mattered above all.

In the days leading up to the final move, Christine and Susan worked tirelessly to help consolidate, pack and prepare for the Big Day.  They were always available to field questions and the unavoidable curve-balls.  On move day, they gently and firmly took charge, the movers showed up on time, my sons and I got out of their way … and literally by that evening my new apartment was up and running, beautifully laid out.  I trusted the process and they did it perfectly..

They also contacted an estate salesperson to dispose of the belongings I couldn’t bring and that difficult part of the process was dealt with efficiently.  What distressed me the most was knowing I couldn’t take my indoor / outdoor cat Sammie of 7 years, they found him a good home with friends who had just lost their cat.

Christine and Susan made this difficult and emotional life transition as easy as possible, while there was stress more often than not there was laughter and they worked to maintain a sense of excitement.  I am so grateful for their professionalism and dedication and would recommend them.”

~ Helen H.

“I recently moved and the facility I went to offered resources to assist with the move – one of which was Yours, Mine, Our Design owned by two sisters, Christine and Susan.

“There are not words to convey what the assistance/services of these two meant to me. They helped me with the pre-planning of the apartment space, directing the movers as to furniture placement, cleaning and prepping of cabinet spaces, unpacking, hanging of artwork, etc. They are extremely efficient and both were so very pleasant to work with. I have had contact with them since the move and continue to appreciate them and all they do for those in the process of moving.

I would give them 5 stars and highly recommend them.”

~ Ann A.

“Our Family appreciates you both so much.  You have taken time out of your busy schedules to move Mom and Dad.  What could have been a very difficult transition became much easier when we met you two. 

Thanks for your kindness, hard work, organization and flexibility during these last few weeks.”

~ The Ron W. Family

“Christine worked wonders in my nice but unorganized two-bedroom apartment. I was amazed by how a simple rearrangement of pictures and the furniture could dramatically harmonize the energy so it’s uplifting and feels like Home. She worked with what I had, helped clear out the clutter, and suggested simple changes that would make a dramatic difference in my mood and productivity. When it comes to “energy management” that has a solid practical basis, she’s the best.”

~ Haizen P.

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