Christine Taft and her Yours Mine & Our Design Team bring over 30 years of experience in the field of downsizing, organizing, space planning, design and maximizing space.

christine-taftTransforming an ordinary space to an extraordinary space with beauty and style, combining  eye catching colors and a simple décor that designs your place.  Christine and The Design Team bring their unique abilities into each project, she combines her designing field experiences, crisp photographer’s eye and the knowledge of Feng Shui to provide an energy balanced, eco-friendly environment.   We use a spectrum of colors to create an ambiance to enhance a well-organized home, our designs include traditional, contemporary, casual and cozy.  We maximize space through furniture placement using your furnishings or adding new, other options include painting, and window treatments, accessories and art to create a warm and inviting home.  As a landscape / nature photographer Christine allows her instincts to bring in the natural lighting, color and design creating a peaceful and welcoming home.

Let Yours Mine And Our Design be your easy solution to living, to get started today call Christine for your free consultation at: 602-510-0705  or contact us