“My husband passed away unexpectedly, with this major life change it was necessary for me to sell our home after 35 years.   My new condo was half the size of my home and I didn’t know what to do.  Christine’s help and expertise was invaluable in choosing what furniture and art would comfortably fit in my new space.  She helped me move out all the things I didn’t need. while assisting me in purchasing the right pieces of furniture, to making my home more comfortable.

Christine is amazing and has a true understanding of space design and creating functional living spaces.  I was so comfortable with her process the first time around that when it came time for me to sell my condo and move to a retirement home, I called Yours Mine and Our Design to help me once again. With my new apartment picked out I left for my summer home, they downsized, organized and moved me.  The communication was great through every step of the process.  Walking into my new home, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything is, even better than my last …  perfectly  arranged and organized, I am so very happy and love it here,  just couldn’t have don’t it without the girls.

~ Shirley H.

“Christine, Thanks so much for your assistance in organizing and updating my home. Your expertise and practical tips created a new environment for me that changed my life and health.  Everyone who has been to the house has commented on how nice it looks and how much better it feels, couldn’t have done it without you!  Thank you again!”

~ Carole R.

“Christine worked wonders in my nice but unorganized two-bedroom apartment. I was amazed by how a simple rearrangement of pictures and the furniture could dramatically harmonize the energy so it’s uplifting and feels like Home. She worked with what I had, helped clear out the clutter, and suggested simple changes that would make a dramatic difference in my mood and productivity. When it comes to “energy management” that has a solid practical basis, she’s the best.”

~ Haizen P.

“I owe you so many thanks for making my living space comfortable, it is really
relaxing to come home and not see a mess, I love the organization!  My next project is the bedroom and I will contact you soon. Thank you very much.”

~ Barb P.


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